Varani Family Shoot

What a pleasure to see Jo + Hannah again after having done their Maternity Shoot! This time, little baby Mali is here! What a joy to capture the Varanis joined by Hannah’s mum and Jo’s brother! So great to see both sides uniting as one family with little baby Mali being the centre focus of their love. It’s been a rough past year for the Varani’s but having hope & love always in their midst encourages them to move forward together as a family! They really do ooze out His peace and presence in their everyday. Was so good to come back to the ranch where we shot their maternity photos the family home Hannah grew up in, and having their beloved animals joining in on some of the fun (cute dogs – also take note of Hannah’s 20 year old cat!). Some of the shots also included Mali wearing Hannah’s baby dress, such a cute tradition to pass down to your own daughter. The deer on top of the Block letter M is also a treasured figurine of Hannah’s when she was a little girl. Mali is also a super cutie and cannot wait to see their family extended! Thank you for letting me capture these moment Varanis!
Linda x
Location: Bellbird Park, QLD, Australia.

Varani-Family-February-2015-197 Varani-Family-February-2015-12 Varani-Family-Black-&-white-4 Varani-Family-Black-&-white-6 Varani-Family-Black-&-white-5 Varani-Family-February-2015-15 Varani-Family-February-2015-30 Varani-Family-February-2015-27 Varani-Family-February-2015-41 Varani-Family-February-2015-45 Varani-Family-February-2015-55 Varani-Family-February-2015-54 Untitled-3 Varani-Family-February-2015-63 Varani-Family-February-2015-62 Varani-Family-Black-&-white-12 Varani-Family-February-2015-76 Varani-Family-February-2015-74 Varani-Family-Black-&-white-17 Varani-Family-February-2015-81 Varani-Family-February-2015-90 Varani-Family-February-2015-88 Varani-Family-February-2015-115 Varani-Family-Black-&-white-24 Varani-Family-February-2015-111 Varani-Family-February-2015-105 Varani-Family-February-2015-103 Untitled-2 Varani-Family-Black-&-white-27 Varani-Family-Black-&-white-28 Varani-Family-February-2015-147 Varani-Family-February-2015-143 Varani-Family-Black-&-white-32 Varani-Family-February-2015-144 Varani-Family-February-2015-164 Untitled-1 Varani-Family-February-2015-189 Varani-Family-Black-&-white-36 Varani-Family-February-2015-194 Varani-Family-February-2015-193

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