Jo + Hannah Maternity Shoot

At 36 weeks in these gorgeous photos, Hannah is looking stunning awaiting the arrival of their first baby girl. Shooting at a location close to Hannah’s heart {the home she grew up in} how could you not feel the warmth and love? Such a gorgeous backdrop as the trees and the landscape itself were experiencing the winter season. Great memories to look back on as their baby girl will be welcomed into the world in the spring time! Enjoy these as much as I have 🙂
Linda x
Location: Bellbird Park, QLD, Australia.

Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-2 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-6 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-8 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-14 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-16 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-17 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-21 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-25 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-29 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-32 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-34 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-35 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-40 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-48 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-59 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-64 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-65 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-67 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-73 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-78 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-83 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-84 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-89 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-92 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-95 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-96 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-101 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-103 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-105 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-106 Jo-+-Hannah-Varani-Maternity-108

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