Greg, Sally + Baylin Family Shoot

Cuteness. Overload. Greg and Sally made a mighty fine baby and can’t wait to see many more! Having been through the good and bad times together, we absolutely love this family. They’re the type of friends who tell you how it is, no prancing around – Love this! We have travelled overseas together, ministering until about 1am in the morning and started building the Young Adults Community at our church. We adore them and can’t wait to make more memories. Take note of Baylin; his facial expressions will melt your hearts! It even looks like his dribbling a mini basketball, taking after his mumma 😉

Enjoy these snaps!
Linda x
Location: Springfield Lakes, QLD

Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-4   Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-6 Untitled-1 Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-20 Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-17 Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-73 Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-55 Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-61 Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-44 Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-51 Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-53 Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-47 Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-98 Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-92 Untitled-3 Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-88 Untitled-5 Untitled-2 Untitled-4 Greg,-Sally-&-Baylin-Holznagel-100

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