Lisa’s 24th – Portraiture

What can I say about this one? She is my flesh & blood. She is my ray of sunshine. She is my confidant. She is my unconditional love. She is my SISTER. Lisa made me update her portrait portfolio as she turned 24 this year. She still looks as stunning! Hope you enjoy these shots (with her Boyf guest appearing) 😉
Linda x
Location: My Backyard, Springfield Lakes, QLD

Lisa's-24th---B&W-9 Lisa's-24th Lisa's-24th-4 Lisa's-24th-7 Lisa's-24th-8 Lisa's-24th-5 Untitled-1 Lisa's-24th-14 Lisa's-24th-37 Lisa's-24th-31 Lisa's-24th-32 Lisa's-24th-33 Lisa's-24th-34 Lisa's-24th-29 Lisa's-24th---B&W-51 Lisa's-24th-57 Untitled-3 Lisa's-24th-64 Lisa's-24th-67 Lisa's-24th-69 Untitled-2 Lisa's-24th-63

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