Mark + Sasha Pregnancy Reveal

Uber excited for Mark and Sasha’s next season; BABY Ferres is on the way! This was a fun and unique way of surprising friends and family on their little bundle of news. So honoured to have been able to capture these moments and can finally let my friends know too (for all of us who had our lips sealed for weeks!). Marsha (AKA Mark & Sasha) are dear friends of ours; we’ve been through some memorable moments. Having ministered together overseas and helping build the Young Adults community, these experiences have made our bond stronger, seeing lives changed and we couldn’t imagine life without these 2 beautiful souls. Marsha are polar opposites that absolutely work so well together; Mark is a silent ninja & Sasha is the life of the party. Not to mention their good looks, there will be plenty of beautiful babies from these two!

Linda x
Location: Springfield Lakes, QLD

Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-4 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-8 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-10 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-13 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-14 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-21 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-19 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-17 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-25 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-24 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-31 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-30 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-15 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-33 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-37 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-35 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-36 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-39 Untitled-2 Untitled-1 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-B&W-26 Untitled-3 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-55 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-57 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-60 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-59 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-B&W-33 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-B&W-34 Mark-&-Sasha-Ferres-Pregnancy-Reveal-B&W-35

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