Ty and Maxine’s Engagement Party

What a night! Such an intimate party, you just feel like part of the family. Can’t wait to shoot their big day!
Linda x
Location: Brookwater, Ipswich, Queensland

Ty-&-Maxine's-Engagement-Party-2 Ty-&-Maxine's-Engagement-Party-20 Ty-&-Maxine's-Engagement-Party-23 Ty-&-Maxine's-Engagement-Party-65 Ty-&-Maxine's-Engagement-Party-78 Ty-&-Maxine's-Engagement-Party-80 Ty-&-Maxine's-Engagement-Party-103 Ty-&-Maxine's-Engagement-Party-170 Ty-&-Maxine's-Engagement-Party-176 Ty-&-Maxine's-Engagement-Party-183

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