Laityn’s 1st Birthday ‘Cake Smash’

Had so much fun with this shoot!!! Laityn had no idea what cake was or tasted like until this shoot. She surely is a princess, not wanting to get her hands dirty! But boy, Clint and Zoe made an adorable baby! I Have been loving following these guys and their love & life journey; from and engagement shoot to their wedding and now their precious one’s 1st birthday!
Linda x
Location: Karalee, Ipswich, Queensland

Latiyn 1st Birthday 'Cake Smash'-48

Latiyn 1st Birthday 'Cake Smash' - collage 2 Latiyn 1st Birthday 'Cake Smash' - collage 1

Latiyn 1st Birthday 'Cake Smash'-56

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