Our Wedding Photos

Head over to my instagram and you’ll see some sneak peaks of a wonderful day in the life of my husband and I 🙂 So happy with Emma’s work and how she managed to capture us! keep your eyes peeled for actual photos being posted up. We’re off to Malaysia & Singapore for the next 2 weeks to minister, see lives changed and impacted, holiday, and visit family (His family so a bit nervous)… So on a bit of a hiatus. I will be posting ramblings about my travels though! I was also visited by the sweetest friend and now a spiritual mother figure to me, Shona. Man did she download and make me realise what God was and is trying to do with my life! I thank Him so much for those people who are so led to hear His voice and act! She’s a Godsend 😉 Her blogs are AMAZE-balls. Always leaving me teary, happy or so awed by God. give them a go!
Linda x

Shona’s blog: http://testimoniesofgodslove.blogspot.com.au

Be challenged and don’t live everyday the same 🙂 YOU are the difference, YOU are loved and YOU are never alone ❤

Location: Mt Nebo, Walkabout Creek, The Gap
MUA: Antoinette. I
Hair: Shona. H
Photographer: Emma Attard Photography
Videographer: Danny. C


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