First Entry

So! I have finally had time to update this and get on with it! First entry…and i don’t know what to put in here..

I’ll just post our wedding video up 🙂

It’s true, most memorable day ever, but what makes it more great is the REST OF OUR LIVES! This term may scare some, but it doesn’t for us. We’re just getting started!

Jeremy & Linda from Danny Camara on Vimeo.
Linda x

Danny Camara is a legend and a great mate who put this together for us! check out his other works; such great talent and more to come!

Location: Walkabout Creek, The Gap & Indooroopilly Pig ‘N’ Whistle
Music: The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is out – Sufjan Stevens
MUA: Antoinette Idzikowski –
Hair: Shona Horton
Photographer: Emma Attard Photography

(Photo courtesy Mary S.)

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