New Zealand ~ South Island ❄

The Beauchamps were off on another adventure and one a little more close to home. We had organised to go over to Dunedin & Invercargill on the South Island to attend Jeremy’s grandfather’s internment. Last time we were in New Zealand (Winter in Queenstown) it was more of a holiday/tourist trip but this time we were seeing all the family and really making memories with everyone as we travelled parts of the South Island together (all 8 of us in a van – squished like sardines lol!). It was so good to learn about Jeremy’s paternal family tree and all the heritage and history that came with it. I think it was unanimous that the time we spent together as a family was having Uncle George & Aunti Pirri along for the ride. The knowledge of countless Beauchamp stories were overflowing and we were so humbled by their presence. 60+ years of marriage from this couple made me yearn for the same with Jeremy & I (They were the definition of COUPLE GOALS ❤). We trekked (in our trusty Van) from Mosgiel, Invercargill, The Catlins, Papatowai, Parakanui Falls, Lanarch Castle & back to Dunedin. Below are some of my favourites form the trip and I hope you enjoy them just as much as we do!

Linda x

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Travel Adventures Part II: Europe

And off we continue to EUROPE! Landed in London on Christmas day so not too much was happening where we were staying. We then headed to Calais for France to start another Topdeck tour. Best moment in Paris was riding around the city on bicycles; someone cut their head a bit on the paved roads so GREAT way to start a tour! Sitting with a kitty in a café; that was the cherry on top. Oh, and the LOUVRE!! bucket list TICKED! Then off we headed to Engelberg, Switzerland. Mount Titlis was the peak we were so fortunate to head up to… Continue reading

Travel Adventures Part I: America

Where do I start? Jeremy and I saved up for about 2 years to make this adventure happen and boy did I catch the travel BUG! Taking photos is my passion and there was no way I wasn’t documenting this trip. I hope you can feel and sense the sights and sounds through these images. We started our one month holiday in Los Angeles-I have travelled to Africa, to Dubai and Malaysia…but this was a jetlag I had never felt in my life! Had some time before our Topdeck tour started so off we went to Universal Studios in Hollywood…. Continue reading