You read right! Feels like only yesterday we were doing Pete + Lisa’s Maternity Photography and they are back on the pregnancy train. Little Eben will be the kindest big brother and we’re so excited for another addition to our tribe…this time, PINK attire 🙂


Linda x
Lisa's Baby Sprinkle

Lisa's Baby Sprinkle B&W-2

Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-4Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-5

Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-11Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-12Lisa's Baby Sprinkle B&W-6Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-19Lisa's Baby Sprinkle B&W-9Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-21Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-22Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-24Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-26Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-28Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-29Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-30Lisa's Baby Sprinkle B&W-16Lisa's Baby Sprinkle B&W-17Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-35Lisa's Baby Sprinkle B&W-21Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-46Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-47Lisa's Baby Sprinkle-48Untitled-1

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