Where the Wild Things Are ➳ Our Baby Shower

For those who don’t know yet, Jeremy & I are expecting our very own wild thing early April! My sister Lisa threw us a memorable, creative and fun baby shower (What a blessing sisters are!). I am currently at 33 weeks and everybody just can’t wait to meet our little guy.  We have been married for 4.5 years so we figured it was time… so did everybody else! (I was adamant on travelling before starting our family!) The date of the party just happens to be exactly 5 years after our Engagement party! – February 18th 2012 so it was just meant to be. We also just had our maternity photos taken by the beautiful Ethereal Photography team and we just love how they captured this moment for us (you can see some of the photos in the below frames). Big thanks also to JoJo’s Treat House for the eyegasmic woodland cake! Enjoy the snaps I managed to get of the decor before the wild rumpus began!

Linda x

Location: Redbank Plains, QLD Australia


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