Peter + Lisa’s Wedding Film

Peter & Lisa’s Wedding; What a joyous and intimate day! These guys were so at home with each other and everyone. I am so humbled to be a part of their journey together (see: PETER + LISA’S ENGAGEMENT SHOOT + PETER + LISA’S ENGAGEMENT PARTY); seeing it bloom from the very beginning stages. Can’t wait to keep doing life with these two. This is Jeremy’s (My hubster) first attempt at filming and editing, and boy did he do a fantastic job; imagine what you could do with more practice under your belt 😉 Thank you also to Leroy Corea for some of the footage. Enjoy guys, truly sums up the day and who they are as a couple! [NOTE: Lisa tripping in one of the scenes – we had to keep it because if you know Lisa, she’s clumsy ;)]

Wedding Date: Saturday, 20th June 2015
Location: Vietnamese Christian Church, Camira + Robelle Domain, Springfield Central QLD 4300
Linda x

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