Tanya’s 40th Mad Hatter Party

It was awesome to shoot a party with a theme like this! Everyone, even my husband Jeremy, got right into it. A party fit for a queen of hearts 🙂

P.S. It’s not often you can sneak a peek at your Pastor and his wife kissing 😉
Linda x
Location: USQSpringfield Lakes

t's 40th
Tanya's 40th 7
Tanya's 40th 12
Tanya's 40th 89
Tanya's 40th 46
Tanya's 40th 34
Tanya's 40th 65Tanya's 40th 99

Tanya's 40th 86
Tanya's 40th 95
Tanya's 40th 101-2
Tanya's 40th 113

Tanya's 40th 115

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