Winter in Queenstown

Seems to be an annual thing where we travel to different places during winter (see: Winter in Melbourne City). It’s something that is so needed for us as we get to pause on our busy schedules and fly away to spend some quality time without the extra buzz. I had never been to New Zealand before so off we went to the most tourist of all NZ destinations, Queenstown. By the time we landed, the snow was only covering the tips of the mountains; By the time we left the snow was about one-third down the mountains! The cold weather definitely took a turn fast (we were only there for 5 days)! Queenstown is naturally one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to yet; Crystal blue lake surrounded by gorgeous, green mountains. Because of Winter, the leaves were yellow, red warm colours and falling from the trees. We got to experience Fergburger & Fergbakery; oh man, their PIES are to die for!!! Also the local food and produce; we went on a River cruise farm & BBQ tour and visited Arrowtown. It was raining heavily by the time we visited Glenorchy, but we were still able to enjoy Queenstown and I was still able to take some snaps. We found a really cool trail on the side of a main road; litereally felt like we were in a scene from Twilight.Thank you Queenstown for your gorgeous, natural vibes & I hope you enjoy the snaps from this trip. Next Stop, AMERICA & EUROPE 2015-2016! Keep your eyes peeled!

P.S The very last photo is a collage of Jeremy crapping his pants on the sky rail (after that he was like a kid on the luge!)

Linda x
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