Winter in Melbourne City

Oh the infamous Melbourne City. I had never been before and have been aching to for quite a while, and boy was my craving satisfied! Such a hip and quirky city, yet they don’t even try. Cute little laneways with awesome street art, you can’t go wrong.We caught up with our mate Ty, a now citizen of Melbourne, who showed us around and pretty much only mentioned amazing food places to experience (we weren’t bothered as we were ALL for FOOD). Such a nice time to relax, unwind and get away from the business of the season that my hubster and I are currently in and not to mention for our 2 year wedding anniversary. I hope you enjoy these little snippets of our Holiday, as we did.
P.s The hubster took a few photos himself and I’ve got to say, they’re not bad. I’ll need to start training him up for future shoots 😉

Location: Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia.

Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-1 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-2 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-3 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-4 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-5 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-8 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-10 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-11 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-12 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-14 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-15 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-18 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-19 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-20 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-21 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-22 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-23 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-24 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-26 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-28 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-30 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-31 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-33 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-34 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-35 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-36 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-37 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-38-1 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-39 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-40 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-41 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-42 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-43 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-44-1 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-47 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-48 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-49 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-51 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-52 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-53 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-56 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-57 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-58 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-59 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-60-1 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-61 Melbourne-6-9th-June-2014-62

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