Peter + Lisa’s Engagement Shoot

Swiftest. Engagement. Ever. I can say that because she’s my sister. It gets nauseating to watch (honeymoon period), but it is very cute! These 2 were made for each other; They giggle about EVERYTHING. This will be a wedding I am not shooting as I’ll be Maid of Honour and can’t wait to celebrate with Pete + Lisa all the way up to the big day! I am so happy she’s happy; Lisa is my best friend through life and am so blessed to have her as my sister also! I just know the events leading up to their wedding will be full of fun, laughter and many memories will be made (the Bridal party will make sure of it!). It’s been amazing watching you grow and Mature (kind of) into an amazing lady Lisa! Peter, you’re not bad also..kidding! I remember first meeting you and we instantly deemed ourselves unworthy in your presence! Absolutely love your heart for His Body and I am so happy to know my sister will be looked after + loved immensely by you. Love you guys and Enjoy!


Location: Redbank Plains, QLD
Untitled-1 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-13 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-14 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-24 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-38 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-28 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-26 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-30 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-29 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-33 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-31 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-44 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-43 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-50 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-54 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-55 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-57 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-59 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-60 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-62 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-90 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-91 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-71 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-70 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-92 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-95 Untitled-2 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-97 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-85 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-100 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-101 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-103 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-111 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-115 Peter-+-Lisa's-Engagement-Shoot-128

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