Nicola – Love Crowns

What a STUNNER!!! Lisa found this dress at the Salvation Army in Ipswich and knew it would be included her next project. NEVER take op shops/vintage stores for granted; you can certainly find unique things and clothing to bring a second life to it! The wedding dress Lisa wore to her wedding was from also form a vinnies store! Thank you to Nicola for her natural beauty in making this dress, flower crowns & bouquets come to life. Dhe is just the sweetest! ❤ Head on over to for enquiries on all your floral needs.
Linda x

Location: Redbank Plains, QLD Australia
Make Up Artist: Lisa J
Models: Nicola M
Photography: Spirit & Love Imaging

Love-Crowns---Nicola Love-Crowns---Nicola-14 Love-Crowns---Nicola-15 Love-Crowns---Nicola-16 Love-Crowns---Nicola-11 Love-Crowns---Nicola-22
Love Crowns - Nicola-11Love-Crowns---Nicola-2 Love-Crowns---Nicola-12 Love-Crowns---Nicola-13 Love-Crowns---Nicola-10 Love-Crowns---Nicola-9 Love-Crowns---Nicola-7 Love-Crowns---Nicola-6 Love-Crowns---Nicola-8 Love-Crowns---Nicola-5 Love-Crowns---Nicola-21 Love-Crowns---Nicola-18 Love-Crowns---Nicola-17 Love-Crowns---Nicola-19 Love-Crowns---Nicola-20 Love-Crowns---Nicola-23 Love-Crowns---Nicola-24

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