Maxine’s Portfolio Shoot

This girl has the whole package – Is multi talented, has the looks, knows business & marketing, can draw and create…I could go on. Check out these images I had the pleasure of snapping around South Brisbane for her Website & Portfolio. Her art and product is clean, full of shapes, artistic, chic and modern; this is what I attempted to capture. I believe these shots portray Maxine and her style & product. I love that we still keep in contact after High School and can’t wait to capture Ty & Maxine’s wedding next month! She’s a keeper 😉 enjoy!

Linda x

Location: South Brisbane, QLD 4300
MUA: Maxine Tham

Maxine's-Portfolio_-2 Maxine's-Portfolio_-10 Untitled-9 Maxine's-Portfolio_-29 Maxine's-Portfolio_-50 Maxine's-Portfolio_-44 Maxine's-Portfolio-B&W-5 Maxine's-Portfolio_-45 Maxine's-Portfolio_-61 Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Maxine's-Portfolio-B&W-10 Maxine's-Portfolio_-62 Maxine's-Portfolio_-72 Untitled-4 Maxine's-Portfolio-B&W-19 Maxine's-Portfolio_-114 Untitled-3 Maxine's-Portfolio_-89 Maxine's-Portfolio-B&W-39 Maxine's-Portfolio_-106 Maxine's-Portfolio_-104 Maxine's-Portfolio_-167 Maxine's-Portfolio_-158 Maxine's-Portfolio_-154 Maxine's-Portfolio_-179 Untitled-5 Maxine's-Portfolio_-196 Maxine's-Portfolio_-190 Maxine's-Portfolio_-270 Maxine's-Portfolio_-269 Maxine's-Portfolio_-276 Maxine's-Portfolio_-257 Maxine's-Portfolio_-217 Maxine's-Portfolio_-225 Maxine's-Portfolio_-238 Untitled-6 Maxine's-Portfolio_-204 Maxine's-Portfolio_-293 Maxine's-Portfolio_-298 Maxine's-Portfolio_-356 Maxine's-Portfolio_-367 Maxine's-Portfolio_-361 Untitled-8 Untitled-7 Maxine's-Portfolio-B&W-30 Maxine's-Portfolio_-331 Maxine's-Portfolio_-321 Maxine's-Portfolio_-327 Maxine's-Portfolio_-383 Untitled-10 Maxine's-Portfolio_-388 Maxine's-Portfolio_-392 Maxine's-Portfolio_-377

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