Love Crowns

For the past month I have been collaborating with styled shoots for Love Crowns which happens to be my sister’s passions & creations! Please head on over to for enquiries, to keep up to date with creations, a Hello & a Like! Love Crowns Specialises in creating everlasting flower crowns & bouquets with a sprinkle of love! I hope you enjoy these favourites and can’t wait to see more gorgeous creations unfold as business is amped up for wedding season! Thank you to our models who definitely made these breathtaking pieces come to life!
Linda x

Make Up Artist: Lisa J
Models: Lisa J, Lauren S + Ashleigh C
Photography: Spirit & Love Imaging

Serenity ~ Blossom ~ My Romance

Love-crowns---ROOM Love-crowns---ROOM-8 Love-crowns---ROOM-7 Love-crowns---ROOM-17 Love-crowns---ROOM-14 Love-crowns---ROOM-11 Love-crowns---ROOM-10 Love-crowns---ROOM-9 Love-crowns---ROOM-5 Love-crowns---ROOM-6 Love-crowns---ROOM-4 Love-crowns---ROOM-16 Love-crowns---ROOM-3 Love-crowns---ROOM-2 Love-crowns---ROOM-20 Love-crowns---ROOM-18 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-17 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-18 Untitled-5 Love-crowns---serenity-&-BlossomB&W-29 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-23 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-24 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-26 Untitled-3 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-64 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-71 Untitled-2 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-72 Untitled-1 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-87 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-90 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-85 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-77 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-37 Untitled-4 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-50 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-58 Love-crowns---serenity-&-Blossom-61 Love-crowns---serenity-&-BlossomB&W-38 ashleigh-vintage-2 ashleigh-vintage ashleigh-vintage-3 ashleigh-vintage-6 ashleigh-vintage-8 ashleigh-vintage-16 ashleigh-vintage-18 ashleigh-vintage-19 ashleigh-vintage-47 ashleigh-vintage-45 ashleigh-vintage-34 ashleigh-vintage-37 ashleigh-vintage-39 ashleigh-vintage-41 ashleigh-vintage-24 ashleigh-vintage-25 ashleigh-vintage-29 ashleigh-vintage-30 ashleigh-vintage-31 ashleigh-vintage-66 ashleigh-vintage-50 ashleigh-vintage-51 ashleigh-vintage-56 ashleigh-vintage-67 ashleigh-vintage-69 ashleigh-vintage-71 ashleigh-vintage-77 ashleigh-vintage-78 ashleigh-vintage-80 ashleigh-vintage-81 ashleigh-vintage-82

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