It was an honour for Sally to ask me to capture her growing family so there was no way i was going to say no. So much fun watching Greg and Sally become parents and to expand their legacy. They invited me to photograph at Greg’s parent’s home and what a better way to capture legacy than in the family paddocks. The little new cutie addition Kayleigh, was certainly a good excuse to update their photo frames and to get the whole Holznagel family involved this time. The first time I photographed the Holznagels was when Baylin was only just starting to walk (Greg, Sally + Baylin Photoshoot) and look at him now, Being the cutest older brother to Kayleigh! I had a lot of fun with these memories and I hope you enjoy this country family photoshoot!

Linda x

Location: Haigslea, QLD Australia

Holznagel FamilyHolznagel Family-2Holznagel Family-3Holznagel Family B&WHolznagel Family B&W-2Holznagel Family B&W-3Holznagel Family B&W-4Holznagel Family-4Holznagel Family-5Holznagel Family-6Holznagel Family-7Holznagel Family-8Holznagel Family-9Holznagel Family B&W-5Holznagel Family-14Holznagel Family-12Holznagel Family-13Holznagel Family-10Holznagel Family-11Holznagel Family-15Holznagel Family B&W-12Holznagel Family B&W-13Holznagel Family-16Holznagel Family B&W-6Holznagel Family B&W-10Holznagel Family-17Holznagel Family-18Holznagel Family-19Holznagel Family-20Holznagel Family-30Holznagel Family B&W-14Holznagel Family B&W-8Holznagel Family B&W-7Holznagel Family B&W-9Holznagel Family-23Holznagel Family-22Holznagel Family B&W-11Holznagel Family-24Holznagel Family-25Holznagel Family-26Holznagel Family-31Holznagel Family-27Holznagel Family-28Holznagel Family-29Holznagel Family-32Holznagel Family-33

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