Tameika’s Maternity Session ❀

What a vision to be able to capture Tameika’s season of pregnancy. At 35 weeks, she’s got that glow (and the sun setting was a bonus!) a lot of us dream of during our pregnancies. Thank you again for letting me capture this season in such a beautiful setting with beautiful subjects!

Linda x

Location: Camira, QLD 4300
Make Up Artist: @ Alrightmakeupartist

Tameika Anderson Maternity-11Tameika Anderson Maternity-16Tameika Anderson Maternity-18Tameika Anderson Maternity-21Tameika Maternity B&W-13Tameika Anderson Maternity-28Tameika Anderson Maternity-29Tameika Maternity B&W-20Tameika Anderson Maternity-31Tameika Anderson Maternity-34Tameika Anderson Maternity-35Tameika Anderson Maternity-37Tameika Anderson Maternity-41Tameika Anderson Maternity-44Tameika Anderson Maternity-49Tameika Anderson Maternity-51Tameika Maternity B&W-40Tameika Anderson Maternity-55Tameika Anderson Maternity-56Tameika Anderson Maternity-57Tameika Anderson Maternity-59Tameika Anderson Maternity-62Tameika Maternity B&W-50Tameika Anderson Maternity-67Tameika Maternity B&W-54Tameika Anderson Maternity-70Tameika Anderson Maternity-75Tameika Maternity B&W-58Tameika Maternity B&W-66Tameika Maternity B&W-67Tameika Anderson Maternity-2

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