Simon + Ashleigh

The day was finally here! Like MANY other couples who had to postpone events due to the global pandemic, it didn’t change the fun, loving vibe of the day. Added bonus- rain, and lots of it. Simon & Ashleigh made the last minute decision to move the wedding indoors to cut risk of a rushed ceremony and drenched guests due to weather. There were some tears during the ceremony so the location changed didn’t hinder what the marriage was meant to be about; Simon and Ashleigh finally becoming husband and wife in front of all their loved ones (a wedding that was nearly 3 years in the making)!

When it came to the couple and bridal party photos, it was super windy and wet but the bridal team were such troopers making it work for at least half an hour for us to take the amazing photos you see below (THANK YOU bridal team)!
Upside of a shorter photoshoot – more quality time with their loved ones before the reception. This family KNOW how to have a laugh and DANCE!! It was the BEST photographing some funny and precious moments into the night (any time a window was cracked open-wind city and a gush of torrential rain making it on to the dance floor…pretty sure the staff were death staring some guests lol).

Thank you again to Simon and Ashie for trusting me with documenting one of the most precious events of their lives. Enjoy some of my favourite snaps!

Location: North Burleigh, Gold Coast QLD Australia.

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