Tameika, John & Alice ♡ Family Photography

After documenting Tameika’s Maternity Session, she asked me to come and photograph the family when Alice arrived. What a pleasure getting to follow up and meet the precious gift we had been waiting for! It was a more intimate, homely setting on the family’s block of land out in Marburg. What a perfect place to capture this moment in their lives; thank you for letting me memorise this season for you guys. Enjoy some of my favs from the photoshoot.

Linda x

Tameika, John & Alice-3Tameika, John & Alice-6Tameika, John & Alice-7Tameika, John & Alice-9Tameika, John & Alice-10Tameika, John & Alice-11Tameika, John & Alice-12Tameika, John & Alice-15Tameika, John & Alice-18Tameika, John & Alice-22Tameika, John & Alice-23Tameika, John & Alice B&W-19Tameika, John & Alice-24Tameika, John & Alice-29Tameika, John & Alice-34Tameika, John & Alice-31Tameika, John & Alice-36Tameika, John & Alice-37Tameika, John & Alice-41Tameika, John & Alice B&W-39Tameika, John & Alice-44Tameika, John & Alice-45Tameika, John & Alice-49Tameika, John & Alice B&W-49Tameika, John & Alice-52Tameika, John & Alice B&W-52Tameika, John & Alice-54Tameika, John & Alice B&W-45Tameika, John & Alice-47Tameika, John & Alice-63Tameika, John & Alice-59Tameika, John & Alice-64Tameika, John & Alice-69Tameika, John & Alice B&W-66Tameika, John & Alice-77Tameika, John & Alice-85Tameika, John & Alice-90Tameika, John & Alice-76Tameika, John & Alice-92Tameika, John & Alice-103Tameika, John & Alice-100Tameika, John & Alice-108Tameika, John & Alice-94Tameika, John & Alice-111Tameika, John & Alice-113Tameika, John & Alice B&W-92Tameika, John & Alice-115Tameika, John & Alice B&W-116Tameika, John & Alice B&W-120Tameika, John & Alice B&W-115

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