Rikki’s 21st 🎈

What can I say about this lady? She’s kind, soft-hearted, raw, beautiful, loyal, strong-willed and passionate in the things she believes in! And there is so much more to untap within her; Rikki is going to be a force to be reckoned with! I met her through our home church and truly believe God had made this friendship a destined one πŸ™‚ It was an honour to be there to celebrate her 21st amongst all the people who have her heart – all in one room! Enjoy some of my favourite snaps of the decor ( and the amazing DOUGHNUT wall and cake) by Rikki’s EXTREMELY talented sissy-in-love & mother-in-love (Sammy B & Lisa B)!

Love you gurl!!
Linda x

Decor:Β Sammy Boynton Designs
Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-2Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-5Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-3Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-6Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-4Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-8Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-10Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-16Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-13Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-14Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-15Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-11Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-12Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-17Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-21Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-19Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-20Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-22Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-23Rikki's 21st 24-6-17-24
Love Crowns ~ Wild Winter Collection-67

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