Vogue – Love Crowns

This shoot was something different and exciting for me! I’m more of a natural photographer, using the skylight as my main light. Vika & Ann were after a ‘Vogue’ kind of feel to their shoot being accompanied by flower head pieces by Love Crowns of course {facebook.com/lovecrownsbylisajinstagram.com/lcrowns }! These two share a very special bond and wanted to immortalise in photo form. They needed some new photos to update their houses! Pretty sure they are the definition of natural beauty- we had a bit of random fun by the end of it! ❤
Linda x

Make Up Artist/Love Crowns: Lisa J
Models: Ann T + Vika B
Photography: Spirit & Love Imaging

Vogue - Ann + Vika2 Vogue - Ann + Vika41 Vogue - Ann + Vika1 Vogue - Ann + Vika42 Vogue - Ann + Vika44 Vogue - Ann + Vika33 Vogue - Ann + Vika3 Vogue - Ann + Vika7 Vogue - Ann + Vika12 Vogue - Ann + Vika14 Vogue - Ann + Vika18 Vogue - Ann + Vika19 Vogue - Ann + Vika23 Vogue - Ann + Vika26 Vogue - Ann + Vika25 Vogue - Ann + Vika38 Vogue - Ann + Vika35 Vogue - Ann + Vika32 Vogue - Ann + Vika28 Vogue - Ann + Vika27

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