Mykenzie ~ Newborn 4 Days New

So I’m probably bias when it comes to this shoot. Our niece & God-daughter Mykenzie, is the newest addition to our family! When we first laid eyes on her, she looked like a beautiful doll; My sister Sammy definitely passed on her good looks to her bub! Sammy is a first time mum and is doing so well! Mykenzie is surrounded by so many people who already loved her before she even made her appearance onto this Earth. We can’t wait to watch her discover new things & to grow right in front of our eyes – Babies are exquisite! Mykenzie was born on the 2nd of July and we did this shoot on her 4th day; What a beaut! I hope you enjoy flicking through some of my favourites from this shoot. Take note: the cute minnie outfit; by this time Mykenzie had enough of us disrupting her sleep! 😛
Linda x

Mykenzie-9 Mykenzie-2 Mykenzie-B&W-3 Mykenzie-11 Mykenzie-7 Mykenzie-B&W-12 Mykenzie-22 Mykenzie-13 Mykenzie-4 Mykenzie-32  Mykenzie-34 Mykenzie-B&W-17 Mykenzie-35 Mykenzie-25 Mykenzie-23 Mykenzie-37 Untitled-1 Mykenzie-44


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