Teighler’s 18th Costume Party

Teighler wanted her 18th to be a memorable, spooky one! Great costumes turned up; Mainly zombies. Teighler looked the part as a Zombie from The Walking Dead and her partner Luke came as the sheriff. Hope you had a great night love! We had me roving taking snaps and there was also a portrait studio set up for guests to take their own photos (similar to a photo booth). Here are only SOME snippets from the night (May be too scary to show the rest LOL).

Linda x
Location: Salisbury, QLD 

Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-18 Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-2 Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-4 Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-12 Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-16 Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-15 Untitled-2 Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-31 Untitled-1 Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-39 Untitled-5 Untitled-4 Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-56 Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-78 Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-90 Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-146 Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-148 Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-94 Teighler's-18th---1st-Nov-2014---Roving-108 Untitled-3


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