I would like to honour and give a shout out to this brilliant lady, Maxine.
Linda x


She was able to create something so simple and beautiful that projected exactly what was in my head.

I had no idea where to start and Maxine came alongside and pretty much let me take the passenger’s seat on this part of my business.

She came up with concepts, the artwork and the design which blew my mind and just spoke artistically on what I am about and on what Spirit and Love Imaging is about.

Thank you again for putting up with my craziness and creating something that speaks to me and everyone who stumbles across my works.

Like me, Head on over to her blog and follow her journey because I really don’t want to miss out on her endeavors and her life journey (Her wedding to Ty coming up!! so excited!!)! Now you know where to go for some great website design and concepts!

Love you Miss Maxine x


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