Lee and Cynthia’s Engagement Party

Such a chilled cute day for this lovely couple! I have witnessed their beginnings and can’t wait for them to tie the knot!
Linda x
Location: New Farm Park, Brisbane, Queensland

Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-6 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-10 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-27 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-38 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-45 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-50 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-64 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-68 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-105 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-106 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-116 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-132 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-133 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-165 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-180 Lee-&-Cynthia's-Engagement-Party-190


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